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Why hair extensions?


Its my first blog post! I know I'm late to the blog party, but you're here so that's a start!

Why hair extensions? Such a great question! Personally, I hated them for years. Hated. Them. I had given them a try ages ago and had such a horrible experience I not only refused to put them back on my own head, I stopped offering them to clients. Yup, I was on the anti-extension train.

What changed? My work wife/business partner, Nicole Bencurik, told me she found Natural Beaded Rows and I just had to check them out. "These things are the real deal" she said. I rolled my eyes and replied with my usual, "extensions suck Nici, they look fake and I don't do them anymore". Of course she knows me really well and kept at me. I realized that she was serious and so I checked out DKW Styling's instagram page. Holy shit! It was mind blowingly beautiful. I was floored. How the Hell did she get those extensions to look real? She created Natural Beaded Rows, that's how.

Fast forward a year and a half and I am now wearing NBR and loving every freaking minute. I swear I don't ever want to go back to life without extensions.

My name is Christy Stewart and I am an NBR addict.

Really though, why hair extensions? There are so many reasons ladies choose to wear extensions:

Postpartum hair loss

Menopause hair loss

Fine/thin hair

Hair that won't grow past a certain length

Thicker fuller hair

Many women try a ton of different methods only to be let down. There are quite a few different kinds out there. From tape-ins to fusion its hard to know what method would be best. After all, they all tell you that their method is the best. Why would they say they tend to fall out, damage your hair, take 7 hours to put in/take out, and hurt like hell? Not good selling points but all true. I know, I tried them!

Natural Beaded Rows are different. Yeah, yeah, I know you've heard that one before. I get it! Remember, I was on the anti-extension train? I speak from experience my friends, these are different. The appointment time is significantly shorter, they don't hurt, they don't fall out, and have minimal points of contact which means less damage. Oh, and they look and move like your real hair! I know, hard to believe, but all true.

There ya go! NBR is the best and I love mine!

Want your own Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions? Visit today!



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