Beautiful Hair shouldn't hurt

I have heard countless times that, "beauty is pain"!

I call bullshit.

I had an amazing client come in just the other day. She was in for her first installation of Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions. She had been wearing individual beaded extensions for a while and was ready for a change. To say I was excited would be a huge understatement! I know what it feels like going from individual extensions to NBR. Life changing!

Her appointments with her former stylist would last up to 9 hours! You read that right, 9 HOURS!!! She left with a massive headache that would last for days. She didn't sleep well because of all of the beads attached to her scalp. Ouch.

I told her this time would be different. No pain and A LOT less time in the chair.

Once we finished she was stunned with not only how natural they looked, but how comfortable they were! She said she could hardly feel that they were there. No pain!

Beautiful hair shouldn't hurt and it doesn't have to. Natural Beaded Rows can give you the hair you've always wanted with none of the pain and discomfort.



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